Introduction about formatting and what`s a requirement


Hello friends, today I am starting a video series ( How To Format A Computer Or Laptop ). In this video series, I will tell you how you can repair your computer or laptop at your home without anyone’s help and without spending any money.

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So let’s talk first, what are formatting? So friends, I tell you in a simple way. Formatting means formatting your computer or laptop (erasing / deleting all data) then inserting a new operating system into it.

When the problem comes in our computer or virus comes, and if for some reason the computer gets corrupted, then in such case new operating system has to be installed.

In some cases, the boot manager is corrupted repeatedly because of the light on-off, which we can fix with the help of Windows installation DVD / Pen Drive.

If your computer / laptop has become very slow, then in this case also you will have to install a new operating system.

Many people do not tell about formatting in details in YouTube, due to which many people, after watching that video, format their computer, then some people do not know how to do the partitions. So they format the entire hard disk, which means that all their data is deleted,

So friends, in this series I will tell you everything in details.

So now we talk about what things are needed for formatting?

  1. The Original Operating System ISO File
  2. Power ISO Software,
  3. Pen Drive
  4. Some technical information about computers

Part 2 :- How to download original windows?


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