What is WordPress Plugins?

Plugins are a type of software. Using them increases the functionality of our WordPress. Their installation is very easy.

various types of plugins .

These are scripts of PHP programming codes, which are written for a particular function.

Just as we install different software for our computer, they are also installed for different purposes.

wordpress plugins

By the way, along with the plugins of WordPress, it is also necessary to state that WordPress has also been written in the PHP programming language.

Whereas MySql is used for its database. Some percentage of javascript has also been included in it.

Today you have Freemium and Premium plugins for everything on WordPress (self-hosted).

The role of plugins is most important in WordPress. They make WordPress Powerful, Userfriendly and a great CMS i.e. Content Management System.

This is the reason WordPress is the most popular CMS.

The second biggest reason is that WordPress is an Opensource platform due to which its community is also very large.

Nobody owns it. Matt mullenweg laid its foundation and adopted the WordPress trademark.

Thousands of its volunteers devote their time to WordPress all over the world Because of which, new plugins keep coming in everyday.

For example, if we write any article, then we use the Yoast plugin to make it a great SEO Friendly Post. Which provides us guidance from starting to finishing.

Similar popular plugins are popular plugins like, Akismet Anti-spam- which blocks malicious links in comments, form submissions etc.

  • Updraft plus- This plugin is for backup of your site.
  • Sucuri – This plugin is used for site security.
  • Monster Insights– With the help of this plugin, the site is easily connected to Google Analytics to track and analalyze the site.
  • Google site kit – This plugin came from Google which is currently in Beta version. With the help of this plugin you can see the reports of all Analyze aspect of your site. That too in their dashboard.

There are thousands of other plugins that are used by the user as required. There are already thousands of plugins in WordPress Plugins Repository , and new plugins are being added every day.

That is, you will find all kinds of plugins in WordPress. Which are present in Free to install in your Dashboard.

But whatever your plugins are listed in WordPress are all for free download. After making payment, you have to install the .zip file from the official site of the developers.

How to Install WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are very easy to install. We will learn how to install WordPress Plugins using 3 methods here.

Plug via Dashboard Plugin Search via FTP connection Through the plugin search of the dashboard – for this click on the plugin in your dashboard.

Then click on Add new below. Now enter the name of the plugin in the Plugin search bar and click on Search.

After selecting the plugin To know about it in the details, click on ‘More details’ otherwise click on Install.

Then click on Activate. Through the Upload feature of the Plugin search of the dashboard For this, click on ‘Add new’ in the plugins section.

From the next interface, click on Upload Plugin and choose .zip format plugin file from your desktop / mobile and upload it.

After that click on Install now can be installed.

Uploading plugins from ftp client
For this, you have to run FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software on your computer.

Now extract the .zip plugin file and upload it to your server via filezilla. Keep in mind when zip file is extracted It will go to wp-contents> Plugins.

Now come out from there and login to your WordPress and click on the plugins, then click on the Installed Plugins below.

When the list of installed plugins comes, select Plugin and activate it.

Best WordPress Plugins

In this post, we will talk about all those must have plugins and some amazing plugins which any blogger must keep or try at least once.

There are about 50,000 plugins on WordPress today. Has been written . These increase the functionality of the site.

There are many bloggers who do not know about many important plugins and are unable to make their blog powerful, attractive and responsive.

So in this post we will learn about all the necessary plugins which will also boost the load speed of the site, so that we can keep the necessary plugins installed.

When you install wordpress, you find many plugins pre-installed, ie pre-installed.
But they are inadequate in successful site operations.

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