what is shared hosting ?

shared hosting is best for handle a one side of website and low visitors in one time .The type costs less than both other types of hosting.

People have also suggested you shared web hosting. If you want to choose a hosting plan in a small budget, then shared web hosting is very low budget hosting .

working of shared hosting .

It is a good option but it is very important to know about it before you choose a shared web hosting, because if you low budget for hosting so shared hosting .

And if you do not know about the remaining advantages and disadvantages, then your website or business may also suffer loss .

because shared web hosting is affordable as well as everyone’s does not fit the requirement.

advantage of shared hosting .

Price – This is the cheapest hosting of all hosting plans, which has very low monthly fees. If you choose half-yearly or yearly plan then yearly .

package – According to your requirement You can choose a suitable package. The smallest package gives you limited domain, lowest disc space and bandwidth, but good package .

There are additional features such as more disc space, more website and bandwidth options available.

You package according to your requirement can upgrade .

Features – These features are your needs Will definitely suit you like one click installation of popular scripts that work to add the functionality of your website.

disadvantage of shared hosting .

Performance – If your site is host with a site whose traffic keeps increasing unexpectedly then it will be with your website. also hits performance.

File Restrictions – All websites hosted on the server have to depend on the web hosting company’s guideline or software .

as it is shared Because of the security of the hosting company, you cannot install all types of script or software.

Maybe the application . They do not want to run because they are restricted.

Resource Restrictions – Although most companies claim unlimited resources but if you notice well or see the guideline.

Kind is not right. If your site is on shared hosting and becomes popular then due to having more traffic on your website.

it can be down anytime because in reality resources are shared and limited.
In the shared environment,

if all the website is of normal traffic then only because of the lack of other website (poorly built or designed) of your website .

performance or working may be affected. It is possible that there are scripts and programs run on a website which need system resources, so in this case I suffer from your website.

If a website runs SPAM script on shared hosting, then the security of your website is also at risk. the main disadvantage shared hosting is that it is very low and down in any time .

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