what is name server ?

Have you heard of Name servers before this? If yes, then definitely tell in the comment, if not then stay with us step by step clear all the points. You must have heard the word server.

If you have ever filled up the online form or have tried to see the online result (10th or 10 + 2) then it happens many times that the website you open to see the result is not open.

Where the website should be Page Open, it is written that “SERVER BUSY” is the reason for this, many simultaneous requests on the website that the server of the website cannot handle. Ultimately, the website does not open.

server image

A server is also like a computer. The only difference is that the configuration of General Computer Respectively Server is high (much better). We can make any computer to SERVER. For this, the program of the server has to be installed in that computer. The job of the server is to provide information to users.

Server types

There are many different and different Capacity Servers in the world. We can also make our computer or laptop a server. Such a server is called Non Dedicated Server. Because such servers are not 24 hours working. It is also called Local Network. It is mostly used in Offices, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools. The server on which our website is hosted is called Dedicated Server. Because this server is 2 .

How does Name Server work ?

Each website has its own IP address, with the help of which the computer recognizes it. But it is very difficult to remember every website from its IP address. To make it easy, Domain Name was used instead of IP Address.

Name Server is a part of DNS (Domain Name System). DNS is a database that works like a Contacts List for a computer. Whenever a user types the URL of a website in the address bar of the Browser, the Name Server gives it IP ADDRESS.

Then Browser sends the request to that IP address. Our Web page opens with the data store that is on that IP.

Note that we do not know how many websites we open daily, we cannot remember the IP address of all websites. In this case, it is easier to remember the domain name.

When a person presses Enter by typing the domain name in the address bar of the Web Browser, the server searches this address and opens the right website in front of you.

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