What Is Domain Name? How to register it?

What is a domain name? How to register a domain name?

In this post, we shall learn about domain names. What is a domain name? How many kinds of domain names are there? How to choose a good domain name? How to register a domain name? Hello. My name is Hitesh Kumar.

What is a domain name?

A domain name helps us reach an IP address. If I say Lal Kila, you will understand that I mean Netaji Subhash Marg, Lal Qila, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, Delhi.

If I give you an IP address, you may possibly not remember it. If I tell you my domain name – TechncialIndiacg.com, you will be easily able to reach my web address. A domain name helps you to reach a website without knowing the IP address. How many kinds of domain names are there?

The main top-level domain names are .com for companies, .net for network , .org for organizations .edu for schools or colleges & .gov for government websites. In India, you will also find domain names ending in .co.in & .in as well. It is important that you choose a good domain name for your website. Choose a domain name that is short & easy to remember Which has some originality & is easy to spell. Let’s see how to register a domain name.

There are a no. of websites where you can register a domain name. In this post, I will tell you about Go Daddy. Search “GoDaddy” on google and, Click on this to go to GoDaddy. The Go Daddy site is open. If you are coming here for the first time you will need to register & create a new account here. Once you have completed the registration or if you are returning to the site you can click on Sign In. Click on Register to open a new account. Click on Create My Account.

Fill the various fields. Enter the email address & choose the username. Choose a password. It is telling us that the password should be 9 characters long and must contain an upper case letter & no. Let’s choose a new password. Now you need to choose a 4 digit call-in PIN. If you need to call customer service for any issues you will need to give them the 4 digit PIN. It is asking you not to choose a sequential PIN such as 1234 or 1111. Choose a PIN that is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess. Let’s choose a PIN Choose a PIN & click on Create Account. Now I am inside the Go Daddy site. There is an alert & it is asking me to update my profile in 30 secs. Choose I own a business or non-profit for what best describes you & click Next. Choose Educational Services for the question “Which best describes your business”. Let’s quickly finish this 4-5 question survey I have completed the short survey.

I am logged into the GoDaddy site. Click on the + icon. It is informing us that we don’t have any domains. Click on the link which says Get One Now. You are directed to a new page. You can search for the availability of a domain name here. You can check if the domain name that you want is available or not. Let’s enter TECHNICALINDIACG.COM & click Search Domain I have already registered this domain name so it is not available. If someone else tries to register this domain name they will get this message. However, a no. of alternate options are given below. such as technicalindiacg.guru, technicalindiacg.com, technicalindiacg.com, technicalindiacg.com, etc. However, the intention is not to copy Technical India. We want to create a completely new domain name. Let’s search for a new domain name – Type Tech36g.Com in the search bar & click Search again. Tech36g.Com is not available. Let’s search for Tech36.com & click search again. Even Tech36.com is not available.

I am trying to create a new website where I will teach about videos. Let’s type TECH36.COM & click Search Again. This domain name is available. It is telling us that normally this domain name costs Rs959 but if you register for 2 years or more the first year price is the only Rs.189. Since there is a sale going on you can get this domain name cheaper. Click on Continue to Cart. This domain name has been added to our cart.

You have a few options here. In the first step, you can protect your personal information. If you purchase this, no one will be able to know who owns this domain name. There are a no. of bots on the internet who spam your email id. This privacy option can help protect against that. However, this is optional & you can purchase it or you can choose to proceed by clicking No Thanks.

I will purchase the privacy protection which costs approx. Rs.500. Next, you can purchase the website builder & hosting or you can purchase the hosting separately. However, I don’t need these. Next, you can add an email address for your business. The email address will be technicalindia36g@gmail.com Since I have chosen the domain name to be tech36.com it will combine my name with the domain name to create an email address. You can add your name to the domain name to create the new email address.

It costs Rs.200 per month to create an email address. I don’t need it at this time so I will click on No Thanks Click on Continue to Cart. Click on the shopping cart icon on top which says checkout now. We are in the shopping cart now. You can choose for what duration you want this domain name. You can choose to purchase the domain name for 1, 2, 3, 5, or 10 years. For now, I will choose 1 year only. It will cost me Rs. 589 for 1 year. You can keep your domain name private or public. If you keep this public, your personal information will be visible on the domain name.

I will keep this as private. It is asking me if I also want to purchase tech36.net, tech36.co, or tech36.info. However, I don’t want to purchase any of these matching domain names. Click on Remove since I don’t want the Email id linked to the domain name. The cart is being updated. Click on Remove since I don’t want to purchase the personal website builder. It is saying that you can list your site in Google, Yahoo & Bing. This would cost approx. Rs.128 per month. This would increase the traffic on your site. Let me leave this for now.

This is our domain name & this is the ICANN fee that we need to pay. ICANN is the company that registers all the domain names. The total cost is approx. Rs.900 Click on Proceed to Checkout. You need to enter your billing information here. Enter your first name, last name, company name, Email Address, Country, Address & Zip Code. You can enter your phone no. here as well. You need to enter your payment information here. You can use your credit/debit or prepaid card here. You can pay via Visa or MasterCard.

Enter the Card no. & security code. Enter the cardholder name & expiry date of the card. Let’s select Net banking here Click on Continue Our billing and payment information is displayed here. You can’t see it since I have masked it. It is summarising the order information and telling us that we are purchasing the domain name tech36.com for 1 year at a cost of Rs. 889.61 Click on Place Your Order to confirm the order. It is notifying us that our order has been submitted. The order details & account information is also displayed. Go to domains & click on Manage My Domains The domain name tech36.com is displayed here & it will be with me for the next one year. I have successfully purchased this domain name for 1 year. Now you can also register a domain name for your business or tuition center A good domain name helps to give a professional image to your business.

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