what is cpanel ?

cPanel is full name is control panel . cPanel software was first launched by John Nick Koston for website management, speed hosting company In 1997.

What is CPanel:

The best thing about cPanel is that with the help of this web browser, the website Administrators .

working of cpanel .

re-sellers and website owners can do website and server administration very easily. Many websites with the help of cPanel With the help of cPanel’s control panel,

you can manage almost every element of your hosting account, that’s why this web hosting platform is best for website .

This is a popular tool that is why many hosting providers prefer cPanel and when you purchase hosting, you are given cPanel.

By using the graphical interface of cPanel, the website owner can easily control and mange his website. CPanel generally Runs on port 2083 and opens by adding “/ cpanel” to the end user’s host name.

cPanel features –

  1. easy to setup hosting and domain .
  2. Easy files and directories management .
  3. Connect domain names to your hosting .
  4. Back up your website .
  5. good Upload and download files.
  6. Monitor bandwidth usage and check log
  7. easy to upgrade the security system .

Functions Of Control Panel in english

The control panel has many functions. But only less of these functions are used, then know about them:

Device manager

Device manager is used to interconnect computer’s internal hardware and software.

The functionality it will have on your window will be with the help of a software.

Devices And Printer

Like Device Manager, it also connects hardware and software. you can see the external hardware like external mouse, external keyboard, printer, scanner, etc.

while connecting to see if there is any problem in its settings. And can also be correct from here is.

File explorer option

With its help, you can do the setting of all the folders on your computer. Like you want to open the folder with double
click or by single click or you want to open the folder in a new window or in the same window.

If you want to change the extension, you can change its extension.

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